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You're probably here reading this, hopefully with a nice glass of wine, wondering why on Earth would I start a blog in 2018 + I sort of agree with you, considering the fact that by the year 2020 (statista), there will be more than 31.7 million of us around the world. Howeverrrrr, there are many strategical reasons why this is FINALLY being done. 
Well for starters, businesses that have a blog attached to their website tend to have 434% more indexed pages- more content/information = more eyes + consumers are drawn to your site (source). 
I really like helping people + filling you all in. I find it totally rad that you all enjoy seeing + hearing my thoughts. Also, replying + sending you all links to my cool ass finds for your to try out too is an added bonus.
I felt like this is the perfect platform to share my knowledge of all of the random things I know a lot about- which I'm hoping some of you are a tad bit interested in.
Having a blog will allow me to 'humanize' my brand (source). Like, most of you know that a woman living in California runs this shop, but not all of you know me. This gives me a chance to show you who I am, what gets me going, and in turn hopefully I am able to get to know you all!
So lets start with this, 5 Random Fact About Me:
1. School was NOT my strong suit
Some will say that I am a great student, that may be true, but I was in college for almost seven years, switching my major and taking classes I enjoyed, but not finding my passion- & finally graduating.
Creative Clichés started while I was in the middle of doing a marketing project + I had absolutely no time for anything else, but my mind was bored + I needed some creativity-not structure.
2. I’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur
When I was in first grade I remember gathering all of the little frogs in the yards of the neighborhood and then going door to door to each home, selling those frogs and pitching why the frogs were going to be a great benefit to their flower bed or backyard, oh boy.
3. my dog > people, any day
I have a 4 year old english bulldog who is my obsession. I’m the dog mom crying as I lock the door behind me. I’d rather watch rerun’s of Law and Order SVU with him than put makeup on any day.
4. I’m in love with skincare
I can solely thank my Mom for this one. She was always stressing the importance of washing my face every night-no matter how drunk I am, which is always a laugh the next morning when I’m all oiled up and I don’t remember doing it.
I prefer natural ingredients to nourish our skin, you know like words we can pronounce. I mean half of the oil I use for my face I cook with as well.
5. Total Type A
This is characterized by being high energy, competitive, and ambitious, which all three are my middle name.
Oh, and I’m totally lost without my daily lists.
Most of what I discuss and write about here will be informative or beneficial for you, the reader. Because, truth is, why waste my time writing something you wouldn't want to read? I'm one of the 94% bloggers who plan to post things because the information may be helpful to others, because I LIKE YOU ALL. 
What to expect:
Business + Beauty tricks 
Q + A
Hometown Love
Simple Life Lessons
True Life: What We Usually Don't Want To Talk About
Blogger Babe Interviews
Well, I'm off to snuggle my Bulldog + watch 'The Bachelor' reruns - guilty pleasure...sue me. But first things first- my most beloved face mask. 

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