One of the best part about owning a small business is the ability to network, collaborate, + work with amazing individuals. Currently, I'm opening up slots for the 2021 wholesale list. OPEN TO ALL- small shop owner, realtor, car shop, team mentor/coach, hotel, decor shop, salons, pet shops, + so much more! 
Items that we are currently wholesaling:
-custom keyfobs: the OG, Rockstar, Beaded Babes, Clay Cuties, Middle Child, and Mini
-coin necklace: Constellation or custom 
-cuff bracelet: symbols + wording 
-bar necklace
please email shopcreativecliches@gmail.com for the pricing list



Haley & Co. 
Paso Robles, CA
From The Roots 661
Bakersfield, CA
Grunge By Graves
Bakersfield, CA
Go 2 Girls Antiques 
Tehachapi, CA
ELA Chapman
Truckee, CA
Krislee & Co.
Bakersfield, CA
Spa 1910 // Molly Showers Studio
Bakersfield, CA 
Xscape Salon // Nails By Jac
Bakersfield, CA 
Better Bowls 
Bakersfield, CA
Fit Pantry 
Bakersfield, CA
Flower Bird Boutique 
Mesa, AZ
Cambrie Walkley Studio
Bakersfield, CA
Cloud 9 Coffee Company
Bakersfield, CA
The BB Bungalow
Brow Coven 
Indulgence Boutique
Apple Valley, CA
Meraki Room Salon 
Bakersfield, CA
Coast to Coast Styles
Windsor, CO
The Mercantile By Haley & Co. 
Paso Robles, CA 
Hotels & Other Accommodations featuring Creative Clichés Keychains
Vine Cottages 
Paso Robles, CA 
Coming Soon.......
Honey Box Charcuterie
Bakersfield, CA