Serious Smoothie Situation: Prep that Sh*t

All this talk of ‘new year, new me’ has me conflicted. I really like me, + I don’t want a new me, but what about new year revamped me, I can dig that.
I’m not the healthiest person on the planet, let’s just get that straight. I love a good In n Out burger, but I try. Sometimes being healthy just feels like such a damn task, but really its not. It took some time, trial + error to figure this all out. Now, I love a good dinner prep for the week + taking a few extra minutes out of my day to prepare my lunch for work instead of grabbing any + every (yes I mean every) thing.
Great results don’t come from a massive change, which is why I start small-like with these smoothies. The other day I was making a smoothie from the pre-packaged Jamba Juice bags from the store + thought to myself, I could so do this; put my fav items in the bags for smoothies, cut the prep time in half, be a happy person in the AM, + possibly not have to eat random pantry finds come midday... So that’s just what I did.
If your like me, you hate wasting time... unless it comes to scrolling Instagram + I weirdly end up on someones Christmas vacation from like 2014, please tell me we've all been there. Any who, I didn't want to have to prep the smoothies each + every morning because I'm already totally NOT a morning person I need things quick + efficient for me when I rise, lol. 
To each your own, so grab any fruits, veggies + greens that you like, although this smoothie is sooo good.
What you’ll need:
-a pack of freezer bags, mason jars, or sealed container (enough for however many drinks you want to prep)
-Bananas (one for each smoothies, so I bought 10)
-A buncha berries- I chose strawberries, blueberries + blackberries, but you can choose your favorites, I bet raspberries would be delish.
-Gather your greens: I chose spinach + kale
-Milk: soy, regular, lactaid, almond, etc. would get the job done
-Blender + freezer
-Protein, collagen or other powders, etc.
Once I had everything together it made the process so easy. Just grab a knife + start cutting the fruits. I added the greens to the bottom of the bags, then threw in the bananas + berries.
-1 cup greens of your choice- I stuck with two types doing 1/2 of the bags with kale + the other half with spinach
-1 cup strawberries, cut
-1 whole banana, cut
-3/4 cup other berries- I chose blackberries + blueberries. Sort of mixing them each in the bags, not measuring too crazy
-Optional: 1 scoop of collagen peptide powder + 1 scoop of moringa powder 

Place the bags in the freezer- I let them freeze overnight before using them in my smoothie + once I was ready for a smoothie I just grabbed my Ninja, placed the contents in the zip-loc bag + added a bit of Lactaid- again not measuring…+ blended until the drink was smooth in consistency.
The time it took for me to prep all 10 smoothies this afternoon was like 15-20 minutes + I could have totally knocked that time way down but wanted to blog/get photos of it #theinternetmademedoit. Meaning that its much more efficient for me to do this all at once, rather than everyday waking up craving a smoothie, but having to clean the greens, cut the banana + strawberries, get out the other berries..okay I’m already over it + just want cereal. So what I’m saying is, you’ll thank yourself for just getting the prep out of the way.
I’d love to hear your favorite smoothie recipes or any other tips + tricks for smoothie prep/making. I’m a sucker for greens in my smoothies.
Well, I’m off to brunch with a girlfriend + spend the afternoon at the nursery looking for new life to bring to the house this spring, sooo excited.
Have a great Sunday

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