THE SEXY SIX: Secrets To A Fresh Face In 8 Minutes

Gone are the days when no one would ask, “are you feeling okay today,” all because I didn’t put on makeup, *sigh. (Please tell me I am not the only one falling victim to this). I’ve mentioned before, my eyes are blessed with the tendency of being a tad bit dark + a whole lot of annoying.
I am not a makeup junkie or someone who loves doing makeup, if I could I would be my 10 year old self + not wear an ounce of makeup. So this post is for those of you like me, not wanting to spend 35 minutes in front of the mirror all to realize that your eyeliner is crooked.
I have my makeup routine down to a science + I know exactly how long it will take me to do my basic Tuesday look vs. the time allotted for a bit more spice + since I was able to get a fresh, good look in such a short period of time + get compliments on my 8 minute makeup routine, it would be a crime if I didn’t share it with you all.
There are many girls out there who love the art of makeup + can sit in front of the mirror practicing their eyeshadow. Don’t get me wrong, the results are badass, but frankly I just don’t want to set aside time to do that, I’d rather be working, reading, or more than likely, cuddling with my Bulldog.
I’ve never been the person who HAS to put makeup on before they leave the house, because, quite frankly, I just don’t care. But it is nice to be able to feel like your fresh faced self when in reality you’re running off of a gallon of coffee + less than 6 hours of sleep. But I am a girl who loves to read about different makeup products or ask (stalk) the gurus what it is they’re using, just to make my time at Sephora a bit less dramatic-cue the anxiety attack when I walk in. There is just so much to choose from + great branding coming at your in every direction its hard to know if you’re spending your money in the right place.
These are products I use everyday + I can honestly say I love. They don’t leave my face feeling sticky or caked, just a great look for those who just need a bit of something.
1. Dr. Brandt No More Baggage: my under eyes have never been happier. I do any + everything to prevent under eye baggage, which is why when I read about this product actually working it was a must have for me.
What I do: apply it about 10 minutes before applying my makeup, allowing for the product to dry completely + my skin to absorb all of the good stuff.
2. Eyelash curler: I suffer from non-curly eyelashes. If I just throw on a bit of mascara there would be no point seeing as they almost curl downward, no joke. I have made a best friend out of my eyelash curler since high school, I was always allowed to curl my lashes, but not wear makeup. And the obsession continues.
What I do: curl from root to tip, holding for at least 30 seconds then rest, repeat as much as necessary.
3. Rose Hip Oil: I love a good dewy face look. Rose hip oil does just that. I apply it morning noon + night to my face + neck. I’ve noticed a world of difference with my skin. The smell isn’t overpowering and it doesn’t make my face feel super oily, its the best.
What I do: apply a small amount to my face before applying my foundation. The oil has an eye drop lid, so ‘ll just squeeze a small amount of my forehead + cheeks, then rub until its all absorbed in my face + neck.
4. Mac Face + Body: This is my holy grail. I don’t like heavy coverage foundation or anything that is super cake-y. I’ve used Clinique, Benefit, + ItComsetics foundations before + I felt like when I hugged someone half of my face was left on their shirt shoulder, hah. This foundation is tinted moisturizer that packs a punch, it doubles as my concealer too (I haven’t found a concealer that doesn’t cake under my eyes, ugh).
What I do: squeeze a decent amount on my cheeks, forehead, + nose then use my applicator brush an blend it all in to my face + neck. For the concealer portion, I’ll apply a bit on my middle finger, then dab dab dab it on my skin under my eyes.
5. Glossier Stretch Concealer: I have been a huuuuuge fan of glossier for almost a year now. When I started doing skin-search for great quality at an affordable price, they immediately were at the top of my radar. I purchased the concealer as well as ‘Boy Brow’ + both are fabulous, just need to purchase more Boy Brow, lol. The concealer is super super dewy, + doesn’t leave my under eyes too overdone.
What I do: place my finger in the container full of concealer and dab it just like i would with the Mac Face + Body, just just a little bit of this goes a long way + I try to stick to applying it only right under my tear ducts on the inside of my eyes.
6. Kylie Jenner Highlighter: I’m not a Kardashian fan, follower, or whatever, but daaamn this highlighter. I put it on my upper cheekbones + the brim of my nose, + BOOM, give me all the good lighting. The shade I have is Salted Carmel. I didn’t know what I was missing out on in the highlight department + it just adds that extra bit to the dewy finish I’m trying to accomplish.
What I do: Use my angled bronzing brush + very lightly brush it on my upper cheekbones, I don’t want my cheeks to look like an Emmy award, lol.
I cannot rave about the products + efficiency enough, I’m always always ALWAYS running late + the last thing I want to do is be in the mirror majority of the morning, so the ease of this is just up my alley.
If you all have any hacks for fast + easy make up applications please let me know, I’m alllll about that.
On that note, I’m off to get ready in 15 minutes for date night. Have a spankin’ great weekend.

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