True Life: I'm an OCD Packer

Ever get that feeling when you leave your vacation, all packed and ready to go home + you hit the highway, only to get that dreadful feeling that you forgot something in the room…or am I the only one?
Mind you, I’m also the type of person who completely unpacks her bag + acts like she’s moving into the hotel on any vacation, which almost sets me up for leaving something in a drawer or corner. After years of this happening + having the vivid memory as a child leaving my favorite blanket on vacation, I let my OCD ways get the best of me. I got on my computer and did some exploring + made a word document to put these vacation worries to the wayside.
Let me start by saying, Scott looooves when I break out my ODC other half (did you feel the sarcasm oozing from that sentence), but in my defense who else is going to remember his 9 pairs of socks, 3 shoes, retainer, contact solution, clothes, toothbrush + face cream?
Not him that’s for sure.
Back tracking for a moment, I used to be the person who would pack outfits that I never ever ever wore at home + just assume my sense of style would magically change while on vacation or I’d last minute it and throw any and everything in my suitcase. Either way, I was setting myself up for failure.
Cue the Packing List PDF, also known as My Lifesaver.
(if you want to save this photo to your desktop, right click the pic + save)
I still pack unnecessary things + over pack on the regular….what can I say I’m not perfect, but these tips have help tremendously when it comes to making sure I have my shit together especially when I’m traveling home, because let’s be honest that last day I’m either vacation hungover or vodka hungover + I need all the help I can get.
Tip #1
Check the weather. This is either a complete no brainer for you or this idea just hit you like a freight train. I’ve learned this the hard way. Aimlessly packing because you think you know what you’re getting yourself into and then the weather app hits you with record breaking heat when you were set on the low 70’s.
Tip #2
Do ALL of your laundry first. Odd’s are you’ll be pissed that those black leggings and sweater you wear every. single. week. didn’t make it into your bag. Plus, it’s a beautiful thing to come home to everything clean + fresh for you.
Tip #3
Get your outfits in order. You don’t want to be the person who goes on vacation and realizes you didn’t pack pants…or underwear. Here is where I determine if i need to attach my garment bag to the packing essentials. Pack the stuff you know you love + lay everything out on the bed before folding + packing.
Tip #4
Gather all your bathing essentials + chargers etc. I love putting all of these things together in my red slouch bag because I know it all fits + I’ll never forget or lose that bright ass red bag. Everything from my bathing, face, hair, electronics necessities + a chocolate cake (lol, not really)- it all fits…doesn’t cake sound soo good right now?
Tip #5
Fold, roll, and get super creative. Each suitcase + bag I own is different, but I always turn into the bagger at Trader Joe’s when it comes to packing the suitcase- it’s like my own version of Tetris. I roll my pants + tops, zip my under clothing in the mesh liner bag, + put my shoes in bags.
The bag mentioned in Tip #4 does sometimes fit into my suitcase in the summer because I’m not packing 14 oversized sweaters + a lifetime supply of fuzzy socks.
Tip #6
Grab the checklist, write everything down or type it if you’re anything like me. I attached the photo so you can save + print the page at your convenience. I know this may sound overwhelming, but trust me overwhelming is when your 30 minutes from home and you realize you forgot your eye cream or computer charger.
I have a hard enough time remembering to drink enough water daily, so the thought of free balling a packing day seems like complete chaos. Take 10 minutes out of your packing time to do this + trust me, it will put you at ease.
On that note, I’m off to get ready for Thursday night yoga when really I just want to namaste in my living room before tomorrows road trip.
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Talk soon,

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