Crazy Nap Lady: Why We Need Our Zzzz's

I’m soo hungover. Yeah, like stayed-up-until-2:00-AM-hungover, guilty. I remember the days when 2:00 AM was the time Uber would arrive to pick us up from the bar. It’s because of this incredible hangover that I felt inspired to write on my NEED for sleep. .I’m one of those people who absolutely cannot function without a decent amount of sleep (I’m talking 8-10 hours on a good night)…so damn annoying. I’m sure most of you are thinking, oh must be nice. Well actually, no. If I get anything less, I’m not a functioning individual, it’s like I go through the motions + don’t even remember if I started my car after I’ve driven around the corner. .If you’re someone who is NOT...

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True Life: I'm an OCD Packer

Ever get that feeling when you leave your vacation, all packed and ready to go home + you hit the highway, only to get that dreadful feeling that you forgot something in the room…or am I the only one? . Mind you, I’m also the type of person who completely unpacks her bag + acts like she’s moving into the hotel on any vacation, which almost sets me up for leaving something in a drawer or corner. After years of this happening + having the vivid memory as a child leaving my favorite blanket on vacation, I let my OCD ways get the best of me. I got on my computer and did some exploring + made a word document...

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Just a Girl + Her Business

You're probably here reading this, hopefully with a nice glass of wine, wondering why on Earth would I start a blog in 2018 + I sort of agree with you, considering the fact that by the year 2020 (statista), there will be more than 31.7 million of us around the world. Howeverrrrr, there are many strategical reasons why this is FINALLY being done.  Well for starters, businesses that have a blog attached to their website tend to have 434% more indexed pages- more content/information = more eyes + consumers are drawn to your site (source).  . I really like helping people + filling you all in. I find it totally rad that you all enjoy seeing + hearing my thoughts. Also,...

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